Injection therapy

Injection therapy involves using a needle and syringe to relieve pain by injecting various substances (i.e. anesthetic, vitamins, mineral, homeopathics and dextrose) into a person's back, neck, arms, legs or other body areas. It typically is used only when less invasive forms of treatment fail to relieve a patient's symptoms.

During these treatments, medication is injected into the soft tissues, joints and other areas in and around the source of a patient's pain. Various types of injection therapy are available, including:

Neural therapy - Homeopathics and anesthetics are used to help relieve pain.

Prolotherapy - Dextrose solution is injected into trigger points (areas where pain is felt) in the fibrous tissue that covers bones. This triggers an inflammatory response, which causes fibrous tissue growth that can strengthen the area.

Prolozone - Using the power of oxygen/ozone to heal.

Trigger point injection - Anesthetic is injected directly into areas of the body were pain is present.