Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) instruments (also referred to as Electro Dermal Screening-EDS or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll- EAV) have been used widely in Europe and around the world for over 35 years. Credit is given to Reinhold Voll, a German MD who, in the early 1950’s, developed an electronic testing device for finding acupuncture points. He then began a lifelong search to identify the electrical resistance in acupuncture points and how the changes relate to disease states. Voll was successful, he found that patients with lung cancer had abnormal readings on the acupuncture point relating to the lung. Researchers from UCLA and USC have verified these results.


How it Works

MSA testing uses the Galvanic Skin Response (similar to lie detectors) to measure electrical resistance at various acupoints which represent the organs, glands and systems of the body. This combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Technology allows us to conduct an interview with the body ~ identifying imbalances in the energy flow and offering natural alternatives to achieve optimal health. By using the body’s energy field (Chi), at skin level of the predetermined acupuncture meridians, it is possible to analyze the energetic cause of physical problems.

Why is MSA Testing Important?

Disease states are present in the body’s electromagnetic field long before they manifest into disease. For example, you may have the common cold virus energetically present in your system but NOT present any common cold symptoms.  It will likely not appear or manifest into a cold until your immune system is weakened. MSA testing allows you to see which systems have a low energy and which ones are under stress in order that you may act now to prevent weaknesses from developing to disease.

Who Benefits from Testing?

MSA testing is for everyone, it is non-invasive, virtually painless and safe for people of all ages. Whether you are looking to improve a pre-existing condition through natural means or wanting to take a proactive approach to your health, MSA testing is for you.

Does Meridian Stress Assessment testing hurt?

No. Meridian Stress Assessment is a pain free and non-invasive screening technique where you hold a brass rod in one hand while the MSA technician touches the tip of a brass probe on specific points on your other hand or foot.

What can Meridian Stress Assessment help with?
• Fatigue
• Pain Management
• Weight control
• Stress management
• Allergies
• Perform rapid, painless sensitivity and “end point” evaluations for items such as epidermal irritants, foods, inhalants, molds, pollen, etc.
• Headaches
• Migraines
• Diet
• Supplement fine tuning
• Provides nutritional evaluations and suggestions for helping clients meet their nutritional needs.
• Food sensitivities
• Emotional balance
• Chronic conditions
• Balancing meridian stress enables one to enjoy a more balanced, energetic state
• Environmental toxins
• Identify areas of energetic stress that are associated with disease processes
• And many more

What people are saying?
“There is no question that the 21st century has arrived and any practitioners who utilize this technology will find themselves in demand and practicing medicine very successfully.” - Bruce H. Shelton, MD, MD(H), DHom

“Over the past several years, I have used this technology to help hundreds of patients solve their health problems.  It’s an excellent tool that has helped eliminate the guesswork.” - Bryon Rosquist, DC

“Testing patients for allergies and chemical exposure used to be a time-consuming and often difficult task.  This technology has enabled us to do this and far more.” - Pauline Rose, RN, MN, SWNA

“I think this is an invaluable tool.  It gives us clues to what is going on that regular blood tests or a history doesn’t.  It is extremely sensitive.” - John Limehouse, DVM