Naturopathic Medicine

Is the art and science of stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. At the heart of Naturopathic Medicine is a vital partnership between the patient and their naturopathic doctor in order to address the fundamental causes of disease rather than merely masking symptoms. Patients are empowered to take responsibility for their own health by removing barriers to wellness through dietary and lifestyle changes while receiving treatment and guidance from their naturopathic doctor along the way. Ultimately, this revolutionary health care approach helps patients to achieve the level of health and wellness that allows them to get the most out of life.

The practice of Naturopathic Medicine integrates traditional natural therapies with the latest scientific research. Accurate diagnosis is accomplished through comprehensive health history consultation, thorough physical examination, and modern laboratory testing. After this information is gathered, an effective and unique treatment plan is developed for each patient. Whether the nature of condition is acute or chronic, the holistic approach of Naturopathic Medicine promotes improved health of the body, mind, and spirit.


• First, to do no harm.
• Support the natural healing process of the body.
• Identify and address the root cause of disease.
• Treat the whole person.
• Teach the basis to health and self care.
• Focus on prevention.


• Prevention and education on healthy habits to ensure optimum health.
• Acute symptoms are often the body's way of expressing the healing process. Supporting this process is an integral part of strengthening over all health.
• Chronic health concerns often affect the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. Addressing the whole person and identifying the root cause of disease provides hope, support, and effective treatment options.
• Working in conjunction with other medical doctors or health care providers to ensure the best treatment choices.


• Minimum of 3 year pre-medical studies at university, followed by an 4 year full-time study in an accredited naturopathic school.
• Encompasses basic medical sciences, naturopathic principles and therapeutics and 1500 hours of supervised clinical experience.
• Two sets of licensing board exams are required in all regulated provinces.
• Ongoing continuing educational course.

Assessment and Diagnosis

• Detailed questionnaires, including a personal history are used to fully understand the uniqueness of each patient.
• Physical exam using standard medical techniques, additional observations of tongue, pulse and attention to the body.
• Analysis of blood, urine, saliva, hair, respiratory function and other samples; as well as review of X-rays, laboratory procedures and other medical reports.